12 Week Lay-away

Want an item but need to pay over time? Then look no further! Our 12 week lay away is for you!

You can secure an item you wish to purchase for upto 12 weeks by paying down a 20% deposit and paying the remaining balance over time.

1) You pay 20% deposit on any item and it will be taken off sale for 12 weeks. (Note 1)

2) You have the option to pay off your item by weekly payments, or can pay the balance in full early at any time.

3) Once your balance is paid, you take your item home.

We do not charge any interest on any item, we simply ask that the item be paid for within the 12 weeks. (Note 2)

There are no charges in regards to 12 week lay aways.

Note 1 - Deposits are non refundable.
Note 2 - If you do not pay for your item by the alotted time it will be put back on display for sale.